MUSIC, CINEMA, POETRY AND PHOTOGRAPHY ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PROJECT “ETERNO REGRESSO” (ETERNAL RETURN) is much more than a simple set of songs. It is rather a multi-artistic intimate project, where the music, poetry, photography and cinema (short films) come together to tell a story. This story tells about a journey, which has Lisbon and Fado as starting points, made by someone who wanted to give a new direction to his life, glimpsing opportunities. The character is someone who felt “nostalgic about the future”, longing for something he had not lived. So with this need of CHANGE, he decided to head to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, making a boat trip inspired by the strength and courage of the Portuguese explorers, seeking new challenges and new sensations. The character, along this physical trip, experiences different inner states, making several psychological journeys that the music will take care of conveying. After a somewhat tricky journey, the arrival at Rio de Janeiro magically opened a new world for him, brimming with possibilities. Finally the change he craved! He thought he was arriving in a country that would steal his heart, believing at the time, that Brazil would be his home forever. After a few years in Brazil, having spent time in São Paulo as well as in Rio de Janeiro, the character felt that the lifeblood that change had provided him was beginning to run dry, starting to feel in his innermost self that probably the time for the return to Portugal and to Lisbon had come. When this feeling had ripened he decided to start the return journey to his hometown of Lisbon. This time, the path was calmer, passing through the same places he had travelled through but seeing them in a different way - with the perspective of someone who had done everything to follow the path he considered to be the best, with a feeling of having respectfully accomplished his duties towards himself. Essentially, having the perspective of someone who had grown up and become more complete as a person after all these new experiences, the diversity of landscapes, the different smells and dealing with people who were different, with different ideas about life but at the same time having much in common. The story ends with the arrival in Lisbon, returning to the Fado with which it all began, in the Eternal Return to something that he always was, because in truth, “we are what memories allow” ...